CDANet Software Module

Genie CDANet Software Module

(Includes training manual)
Up to one Hour of Telephone Training on the CDANet Module Additional Requirements:

  • Modem
  • Cable from Modem to CPU
  • Technical Installation Software
  • Technical Assistance over the telephone to install modem and programs.
Not Included in List Price
  • Telephone line installation, onsite training, traveling and related expenses, additional training required above one hour, yearly software support, GST and PST.

Optional Requirements:

The Stick call processor:

  • To share three devices on one telephone line
  • Includes phone installation assistance

What is CDANet?

CDANet stands for the Canadian Dental Association Network. Insurance companies actively participating in CDANet can be accessed through the network or recive online approval of dental claims in 40 seconds. CDANet accesses a Canada wide computer network called DATAPAC. If you are within local calling distance of a DATAPAC center, your claims are processed locally, if you are not, then your transmissions are sent to the DATAPAC center located near you.

Insurance Companies Currently Particapating:

  • Aetna
  • Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan
  • Benefit Containment Services
  • Canada Life Assurance Company
  • Continovation Services Inc. (CSI)
  • Clarica
  • Empire Life
  • Equitable Life
  • Great WestLife Insurance Company
  • Green Shield
  • Imperial Life
  • Liberty Health
  • Manu Life
  • Manitoba Blue Cross.
  • Maritime Life Assurance Company
  • MDM Insurance Services
  • Merx Health Care
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
  • Mutual Life Assurance Company
  • National Life of Canada
  • Ontario Blue Cross
  • Pacific Blue Cross.
  • RBC Insurance
  • Standard Life
  • Sun Life of Canada
* Any insurance companies joining CDANet agree to gradually phase out employer authorized claims.

Will CDANet Benefit You

Whether or not your office accepts assignment, CDANet will help you and your patients collect payment from the insurance companies more quickly. If you are a current Genie user, you are able to run R-1, which will analyze your current insurance claims.

Features of CDANet

On-line adjudication of claims. This means that the insurance companies response back to your office indicating the percentage of coverage for each procedure done, the deductible amount, procedures not covered, whether a policy is active or cancelled, etc. The results are sent back to your computer on a form called the "Explanation of Benefits".


Receive insurance cheques in the mail within five days. Some of our clients receive them as quickly as two days.

When you receive an "Explanation of Benefits" from the insurance company you know exactly how much the insurance company is going to pay and how much the patient owes. You can charge the patient immediately, thereby cutting down on your outstanding A/R.

Predeterminations can be done through CDANet. Insurance companies may still require x-rays, so the network accepts the claims and will wait for you to send the x-rays.

CDANet is designed so standard claim forms will still print in Genie if the claim needs to employer authorized.

How to get started using CDANet

Each doctor will send an application to CDANet for approval. Generally, this step takes a few weeks.

Install a phone line dedicated only for the use of CDANet electronic claims.

Purchase the appropriate software and hardware necessary for CDANet. A modem will be needed to hook up to the CDANet line to submit claims.

If you already have a dedicated line for support and one for faxes and credit card machines we can install a "Stick," (Call Processor). The Stick allows you to share from two to three devices on one telephone line. Your support modem, fax and credit card machines can be utilize on one dedicated line. The Stick picks up the appropriate signal of which device is being accessed and dial out/in automatically. The Stick eliminates the need of having three or four phone lines coming into your office to support your electronic devices. It offers you the savings of only having two dedicated telephone line for your entire office.

Genie will assist you with the software and hardware installations and provide you with a manual and training.

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