Dental System Modules

Patient Information

Patient InformationThe strength of Genie patient registration is your ability to directly access any data field when entering patient information. This flexibility in data input ensures fast pt registration. Once patient information is entered in the system, it is immediately available throughout the entire office. With the touch of a key, you and your staff can instantly access telephone numbers, addresses insurance information, billing information, and more.
     When you display a patient's file, you can quickly see if the patient has an appointment or needs a recall, has a predetermination or treatment plan, owes money or has a credit. You will readily discover that instant access to this information is invaluable in providing prompt service to your patients, whether they are visiting or phoning your office.


SchedulingDo you use a manual book for scheduling appointments? Do you wait for a book to become available to serve a patient? Are you using multiple books for each doctor, provide or chair? Does booking an appointment on your computer take more time than it does manually? Would you like to see more than one day per page? If you could reduce the amount of time spent booking and confirming appointments, would you? If you answered "Yes" to one or more of these questions, it's time to consider the benefits of the Genie Scheduler.
     The Genie Scheduler automates the entire booking process, allowing you to schedule, move and cancel appointments very quickly. The system automatically marks cancelled and missed appointments for rebooking, so you never lose an appointment and are assured of continuity in your patient care.
     The Genie Scheduler is also much more than an automated appointment book. It is a comprehensive, fully integrated Resource Management Scheduler. This makes it possible to build treatment plans, recall patients and book appointments without repetitive steps. Scheduling for multiple doctors, providers and chairs is easily handled by the system. The booking screen displays up to 14 full days for one doctor, provider or chair, and you can display more with the touch of a key.
     Throughout the day, the Genie Scheduler will save you time and money with its speed and flexibility.

Recall Management

Recall ManagementHow are you following up with your patients? Do you need to track ongoing treatments? Are you recalling patients for dental checkups? Do you wish to do this often, or even once? Today, such service more important than ever in providing quality patient care.
     Genie Recall Management provides you with the tools required to setup treatment plans and recall patients.
  • Treatment Plans are recorded in the patient's file as a series of planned appointments for booking at a later date (e.g., crowns, bridges, root canals, dentures).
  • Patient Recalls can be managed by recall type, provider, doctor and date. You can send reminder letters and recall cards, call from a telephone contact list and book appointment onscreen.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control Do you know how much inventory you have on hand? What supplies you need to order? When you need to place an order?
     The Genie Inventory Control Module is an easy, effective way of keeping track of your supplies. Orders can be repeated at any time so you never have to remember product numbers, descriptions or quantities to order. From cotton swabs to elastic bands, Genie will help you maintain control of your inventory.


Billing/AccountingGenie encompasses a comprehensive billing system developed in response to our customers' diverse billing requirements.
     With Genie, you can generate billings for multiple-providers, print walk-out receipts, issue account statements in batch form or individually, receive and record post-dated cheques, set financial arrangements, and more.
     Together with CDA/Net, Genie allows you to keep your receivables to a minimum through online, real-time, network communications and claims submission. This technology dramatically reduces the amount of time your staff spends administering accounts and frees more time for booking appointments and dealing with patients.


ReportingEvery dental office operates somewhat differently and, therefore, has its own reporting requirements. Production, collections, recalls and accounts receivable information must be assimilated and reported on in a variety of ways.
     Genie's extensive reporting capabilities are integrated into each module to deliver flexible, informative reports meeting the requirements of every dental office. Reports can be produced with user-specified date ranges, for the whole clinic, each doctor or a provider. Most reports can be generated in either detail or summary format. Every report generated can be viewed onscreen and/or printed, thereby reducing paper waste and freeing the printer for when you need it most.
     Genie's flexible, effective reporting features are unmatched by any other practice management system on the market, and guarantee you always have the information you want at your fingertips.

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